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daye3 EP

by Lounar.

Taafeh 3aref 02:17
miss my bus and stress, while my cousins go thru trenches just to make a cheque. pathetic I confess, dare I ever say that I'm depressed. back and forth I lay in sweat, survival guilt got me in check, tho I didnt have much to survive, overseas, miles and miles. safe away from the sirens gunshots, fly-ins, darkness looms yet the folk still smiling. I took it all for granted, all these chances, lazy mindset, coulda lost it. block my blessings, lack intention. procrastinate with a couple spliffs on the dresser. all this tension, over nothing, stop the bitchin, I need to quit it. bin-khalti spent nineteen years locked away, he only got out the other day, put him on our shoulders, and carry him in grace. need something to put me in my place, complain without a reason every day, count my blessings before it's too late.
daye3 02:30
crooked teeth, mentally Locked up Chained up I aint free. Lost the keys, Cannot see, Fuck the police till the day I see my cousins free. Me and only me I got nothing but apathy Smoking all these trees tryna get away from everything all the pressure All the qualms Alhamdulilah I’m calm Seen struggle Seen loss Saw depression Saw myself لو مبكطع إبصلتي أنا خايف من أفكاري أنا عارف اني ضايع بضلي اركض من الماضي -hook- Unlearn the patterns we pick up over time The ones that determine how we choose to live our lives It comes from our surroundings, subconscious exercise, It builds up our behaviours, our viewpoint compromised. Believing we’re not good enoughs a bullet to the mind x2
Faux 02:59 video
عوذبلله من الشيطان الرجيم I lost so much time, chasing faux dreams. found myself in a scene, detached from me, culture and my deen. lost sight, went blind, I had no idea, no idea. who I was meant to be, meant to be, did the most to fit in, most to fit in, and I never did, never did. طول حياتك راح يحكو ضلك زلمه بس اوعك تكبر وتعامل الناس زيإزباله double standards, fucking rampant, I saw my sisters, they were oppressed, where was I? I was outside, doing madness. never done road, but I've been on street. never done coke, but I been a fiend. I lost a bag, maybe two or three? when I make it all back, imma stay lowkey. السمعة راح يقتلنا العين راح يجلطنة كس أخت العالم كلها فش اشي فش اشي فش اشي بهم بدنية فش حدا بفوز بدنية and no one's perfect either. just a bunch of smoke n mirrors, so who the f*ck are you to judge? no man can ever touch us, inshallah we'll see progress, for every lost kid, at a crossroad of cultures.
Cycle 02:49
بحمد ربي على كل اشي انسيت الماض الوقت بطير وانا ناسي حالي ديماً مش فاضي Imbalanced spiritually, Never balanced chemically. I take it upon myself to get sedated heavily, To distract myself from the pain and pressure Of submitting to the apathy, I submit to my fears constantly. Constantly falling behind, Weighed down by the thoughts Worries and dreams Of where I would be If not for the shady dealings made throughout history Its mad to me, Loss of identity, Shrouded by duality. It’s a cycle Vicious on my mental Makes the day feel dreadful Lost and overwhelmed, But its my fault I should be more careful Of where I let my roam When my mood is low. بحمد ربي على كل اشي انسيت الماضي الوقت بطير وانا ناسي حالي ديماً مش فاضي فش عندي حيل بديش أحكي عنشي تركوني بحالي تعبان نفسياً  بس شو يعني؟ الله يهديني  I’m over the feeling dont care about where I fit in Or who I could’ve been. Valleys brown and green, Echoed laughter in my dreams, Wake up watching all the screams From the comfort of my screen I’m a selfish being. Let’s the cycle repeat, Til the death of me, ACAB. Imagine seeing our people free. You smile through the worst, I complain on a fucking daily.


"daye3" is the debut EP from London-based Palestinian hiphop / punk rock artist LOUNAR. All proceeds from downloads of the EP will be donated in solidarity with Medical Aid for Palestinians.

Please take a moment to check out their vital work.

"daye3" contains four tracks of personal and political commentary pertaining issues of displacement, duality, identity, culture shock and intergenerational trauma as experienced by the Palestinian diaspora worldwide. Without justice, there can be no peace. Free Palestine.

Songs written by Lounar
Track 1 produced by Lounar
Tracks 2 & 3 produced by sApo (@bad_mood_sapo)
Track 4 produced by ChiefWAV (@chiefwav)

Artwork picture; Lounar's hometown of Sur Baher, Palestine.
Artwork layout by Pat Pat Binks


released July 16, 2021


all rights reserved



Make-That-A-Take Records Dundee, UK

Scottish East Coast DIY Punk.


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