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    A first press copy of the debut "Hello MY NAME IS" EP from fresh east coast cowpunks ALLDEEPENDS on random coloured 7" vinyl (300 copies). There will be three different artwork variants, limited to 100 copies of each. All records come with instant download of the lead single "SOPHT" (An Homage To Aesop's "Tuff"), digital download code and COOL FREE SHIT.

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Right off the bat, feel a little iffy shout from the truck “Get a real job hippie!” Just like that, stationary again tyre marks leak out from a permanent pen Well fuck it, heel click snare hit unfortunately unhype trite thin skin shed by spite. Asbestos eyes and a butane tongue, a ray suit ‘round an iron lung Purist rhymes held under my breath patiently awaiting for my jaw to unclench See all the views confined to the bench in another time and place would be condemned to death Wont apologize for the way I'm living barefaced contempt leaves me fucking livid Without due respect refuse to engage wont change for your sake Im soft with a PH Acid! Sprinklers melt a hole in my pocket near the CCTV camera adjacent to my wallet Abundant misdemeanors, Krylon and queer procedures on another patch of earth condemned by the preachers Soft-boiled, glum shoe, terminally ‘ill’ half ‘-mattic’ half ‘repute’ influence overkill When just existing overwhelms you wont get very far seein' me and hooligan down by the schoolyard. Rudeness is not a talent, vortex for attention tension amplifying, projecting your intentions. Dreaming for a villain and the hero never tells the assertion comes discretion, swallowing vomit cures the sick Electromagnet scene, never gonna let go Tuesday afternoon tackle tripping out in TESCO The bated breaths are getting rearranged form the top of my lungs I'm soft with a PH. Basically bleached, toxic ungluing ineffectively cruising for an ego stroke schmoozing/ With the pickup artist put downs and alpha male howls I get it! Don't blame me for your undoing Facing three hags, circling a cauldron a playschool night hiding under plastic pauldrons Lame, baked men claiming to be spider no surplus of time to roll with uneasy riders Wow! Killer instinct leading to the massacre time for the hunt, you know I'm a gatherer Instant heat, offensive reflex lack mind or war games, i don't respond to threats, man. So much for self awareness or to even cede your views once in a baw baw baw didlly dang blue moon nope! All your misplaced rage, wont suffer gladly. I'm soft with a PH Snap like that, slip out the trap, Waltz away with a target on my back, All the empathy you lack, Well its not my duty to give it back Fixed debates you’ve claimed you won, everyday I'm tellin' you son, That every single night Hard-line, line-drive, no shame for the hate you feel inside Alright, right mind, everything in due time Oh shit! Wadda ya’ know? Play it off as a fucking joke Save your breath, I know your ways, don’t front to me. I’m soft with a PH
It’s a compulsion I find propulsion from my mind/ Doppler effect when you hear me sprint by marching with my buddies I feel a bit of guilt rolling out full tilt like a peterbuilt Bopping down the incline with a wallet chain, passing traffic stay to the left lane Blessed folks made carabiners punk rock, arms swinging around like suburban Sasquatch Got places to see and people to be, Footloose fancy free apathy Show up to your meeting bright pink and real sweaty love 10 years late and 20 minutes too early Got no time to waste in ps or queues fixed my gait to sprint like I got something to prove professional attire to perspire through rallentando is not something to aspire to tough as you try hard to feel hardcore walking face first into closed bus door time to sprint down a bakers dozen more blocks they call me cristata when they see me jaywalk Volcanic inaction feel my soul’s maladaption grit on the pavement makes feel a-traction Black baseball cap obscure my greasy doo at least I got one goal that I can follow through Left right left right tread through your blisters and you’ll feel alright Left right left right burned out accrued electrolytes Left right left right walking right past the intended site Left right left right left right go
As the disaccharides melt on your tongue your sympathetic nervous system makes you want to run pixie stixs did the Trick for an insulin spike pancreatic might lead to your doom and the natural killer cells gone rouge inside your blood. start killing and eating the flesh that you call home apoptosis in the cells that you own start breaking you down into the unknown we are all adenine guanine thiamine and cytosine these random letters make us whole making decisions based on their androgen on their melanin proves to me you got no guts Every day that passes more dependent on my chemicals caffeine fake dopamine ethical and thc scaring the shit outta me Adrenal glands working overtime and cortisol won’t let you down unwind we’re all strapped to ties that bind a flesh prison for your mind Rigor sets In your muscles will not listen that tonic control is just gone peptic acid in your stomach burning holes in your stomach building up for so long/ plural pressure rise as you proselytize your stakes in genetic gambles toxic ideas antagonize but our bodies are just too fucking fragile
Got you yelling in my headphones face on the pavement when i'm fumbling back up again got you stuck in my speakers on another late drive alone speeding down the country roads see you again when i see you again ill sing the words right back in your face see you again the only thing that will change is the ink on your tshirt all the rain that fell rusts all the pins on your vest from all of those bands and every one of those nights all black canvas all the tangling threads all the times my dental floss rope was near the end vfw tear off my collar outside sacrifice my sleeves for the summer mosh pit digits ripped a whole in the chest and repetitive wear did away with the rest laundromats basements backyards punk bars scrap bonfires light only by the stars stopped on street by a dude with a glare point to my chest with designs to compare soaked with the beer that soaked through my jacket starring down my mischief brew sunglasses got no keys, got no phone, walking back all alone/ there's nothing else, that i can do sing those songs right back to you and all of the time that you cant quantify when your day to day dreams get pushed to the side commuter muses ruminating like tea when your cup boils over I'm in the front row to see screams and chords and mics unite like ringing in my ears at night labor pains that will define our meaningless little lives.


"hello MY NAME IS" is the debut 7" from fresh east coast cowpunks ALLDEEPENDS.

In what is possibly the greatest cowpunk love story ever told, these far-flung kindred spirits met, formed and played their first show in Conroy's Basement. True believers, we couldn't be happier to welcome them to the cowpunk family.

The first press of the "Hello MY NAME IS" EP is limited to 300 copies on classic black 7" vinyl, with three different artwork variants, limited to 100 copies of each. All records will come with digital download code and cool free shit.

Written and performed by ALLDEEPENDS.
Recorded by Harris at DM Studios in Dundee
Mixed/mastered by Stevie Cossar in Glasgow.


released May 29, 2020


all rights reserved


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