Salt Your Wounds

from by Lachance



Falling down as a kid you get right back up

You dont want your friends to know, that it stings more than you could show

Broken down as a man you dont think you can

Ever let your best friends know, that this shit is eating your soul

I can show you things that have hurt me

I can let you hear a thousand songs that will cheer me up

And some that describe how I feel

And I can write down words that are real

But its just so hard, to look in your eyes

To explore those big beautiful eyes, while trying to tell you

I have not beaten this, it has not died

Shards of my heart, littered like shrapnel in my chest

Feign from the pain, but still cant lay it to rest

Is this how the movie ends? Trying to teach a broken heart to bend

Find what you love and let it kill you

Find what you love and let it kill, you

I can show you an incredible sunrise

And I can take you to the coldest graveside

But I cannot explain to you, which one comforts me more

No, I could never say, which one is killing me

Is it the beauty, or the tragedy

Or is there beauty in tragedy?


from Old Haunts, released June 9, 2014


all rights reserved


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