Bright Hearts Burning

from by Lachance



It will come as a pleasant reminder, of better days and times gone past

When you never thought of consequences, or ever hesitated to be yourself

No matter what the cost, its better to have tried and lost

But we were never lost, and you knew if you had an even shot

That you had the heart to carry on, carry on

Set fire to each new day, no matter what your head says, cos bright hearts burn out slow

As I kid I didnt care at all I just carried on, and yeah I guess years and years of that may slow you down, but carry on, carry on

The letters unopened, the true thoughts unspoken

And the heart I thought I always had I could never show to you

By the fading light of a summers night, am I going out without a fight?

I dont know what im supposed to do

Firelighting without matches, cos I know what your heart is, the brightest burning light

Illuminate the darkest paths and we`ll follow on, and years and years from now when your light dims, we`ll bring you in, we`ll bring you in

The letters are open, the true thoughts are spoken

And the heart I thought I always had I can finally show to you

By the fading light of a summers night, im not going out without a fight

I know now what im supposed to do

Every day that im waking up safe, means I wasted yesterday

I wanna feel love, I wanna feel hurt, I want the bruises and the dirt

I wanna know that i`ve aged, and grown, dont wanna get there without feeling old

I want the cuts and I want the scars, I want to reconstruct my heart

Most days, im served a reminder of the first time my burning heart dimmed

And while I`ll never die without, I know without any doubt

That nothing burns as bright, as the most beautiful light going out


from Old Haunts, released June 9, 2014


all rights reserved


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